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FALL 2023/24
We are accepting new family applications and enrollment for students for the forth coming academic year 2023-24, serving preschool to grade 5.




Join us to learn about our curriculum across preschool to grade 5. Tour our campus and meet our talented teachers.

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A Little About Us

More than a school, more like a family.

We believe we are all wonderfully and uniquely created and that by honoring that uniqueness in each child, we are honoring God’s creation. Here at St. Wendelin’s, we see and celebrate each child exactly as they are created.

Our staff, the students, and their families are all in this together, loving and supporting each other through all aspects of school. We strive to be a shining light for all who meet us.

We’d be thrilled to share with you about our school, our heart and our soul that goes into helping your child develop into the wonderful being God has always had in store for him or her.

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What is different at St. Wendelin Catholic School?

God is the creator of it all, so we put Him first in all things, knowing that with His guidance, we can truly do all things. Our students learn nothing is impossible with God

We celebrate that God made each of us unique for a special reason. God does not make mistakes so we must love ourselves as God created us.

We are called to serve – the seek justice and peace in the world. Our students learn how serving others is being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Meet our Principal, Lynn Rasmussen

Hello families! I’m Lynn, the Principal here at St. Wendelin Catholic School.  I would love the opportunity to meet you and share with you why St. Wendelin’s is the perfect environment for your children.

Our staff here is amazing and enjoys spending one-on-one time with each and every student. Through hands-on learning, your children will feel valued and appreciated. They will not only excel in their school work but also feel a deep connection with our entire St. Wendelin family.

I hope you’ll plan a visit to come check out this fantastic journey we’re all on here at St. Wendelin’s. I’d love to chat some more with you about it!

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